The unique casement series (Outward) is a great fit for your home...

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If it is a slider door
system that you want in your home, we indeed have the perfect...

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The door series from our stable is unique and offers the reliability and durability that you need...

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We would like to
introduce our self as "Pacific Services" the leading manufacturer...

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How do these windows offer a comfortable environment during the winters?

The technology we use ensure that the surface of the windows do not get too cold and stay warm, ensuring that the nearby areas do not get uncomfortably cold during the dreary winter months.

How do these windows offer a comfortable environment during the summers?

Our windows are built using technology that prevent heat gain and therefore help create a more comfortable environment. With our windows you will learn that the need for the air-conditioner is reduced and your health is positively affected.

What about my condensation problems?

The technology used helps created warmer surfaces indoors and therefore there is a drastic reduction of frost as well ad condensation.

Why should I choose windows from Mozart?

If you have not already moved on to the great technology of UPVC, we would strongly suggest that Mozart is your best choice, given the technology we use and the levels of service we provide.

Why should I choose UPVC windows and doors?

There are a number of reasons why and a few of them include: The windows offer protection for harsh climatic conditions and are suitable for both winter and summer months. They help tremendously with energy conservation and bring down your energy bills. They are made using the best technology, so you can be assured of fabulous life long durability. They are very easy to maintain and therefore, you will save a lot of time and energy.